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October 30, 2009, 5:19 pm
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The children all wore their costumes to school this morning. (The OTHER Spiderman’s costume had puffy muscles and a normal hoodie-type hood instead of a claustrophobic ski-mask-type thing that would render him incapable of consuming treats, but did he have white sport socks and orange Crocs to complete his look? Did he? Did he? No, he did not.)

spiderman costume

As with every holiday and psuedo-holiday, the kids spent what seemed like weeks baking and frosting sugar cookies in order to have an hour-long party this morning which will consist mainly of a free-for-all of frenzied cookie consumption.

spiderman at the party

Then, as with every other holiday and pseudo holiday, they will spend the rest of the day having the talk about “choosing to have a great day versus choosing to have a hard day.” Also, crying because the cookies are gone.


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