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Disney, Disney, Disney (Photos at the End)
October 28, 2009, 7:48 pm
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We went to Disneyland last week. It was sort of a vacation revelation—the revelation being that, uh, when you go on vacation with a preschooler, it should be a vacation where you GO PLACES and DO THINGS and then GO MORE PLACES and DO MORE THINGS until you’ve entered a sort of fugue state in which you GO and DO and GO and DO and GO and DO, all while enjoying the sensation of floating a few feet above your body.

Up until last week, we’ve been trying to have family vacations where we spend roughly 2/3 of the time lying around and 1/3 of the time doing activities, when (duh) really, we should be spending 2/3 of the time doing activities and 1/3 of the time lying around. Or, you know, 3/3 of the time doing activities.

Also, “activities” should be less along the lines of “throwing rocks into the ocean” and more along the lines of “Caution! Do not get on this ride if your plans for the next five minutes don’t include giving birth and/or going into cardiac arrest!” And “lying around” should be less about “napping and reading/reading and napping” than “spending a couple of hours letting the four-year-old attempt to drown the entire family in the hotel pool.”

Obviously, half of America already knows this, and that is why half of America was at Disneyland during the third week of October, and most of them were pushing strollers. What can I say? We’re a little slow.

While we were there, Gage told everyone we met that he was from Washington, but had just moved to California where he planned to live in a hotel at Disneyland. Forever. 

Sometime mid-week Scott turned to me and said, “I don’t think I’ve had an actual thought in three days.”

And I was all, “Yeah…”

And then we drifted toward the next ride.

In conclusion: totally pleasant.

Now we’re all stumbling around trying to relearn how to live our lives without sunshine and palm trees and hotel housekeeping (wah).

Some snap-shots for my mother:

Weary traveller:

Disney--weary traveler

Rolling his eyes at the camera:

Disney 2--rolling his eyes


Disney 3--pretty

Happy family:

Disney 4--happy family

Rocket ride:

Disney 5--rocket ride

Disney 6--rocket ride2

Gage drives:

Disney 7---Gage drives

Disney 8--Gage drives faster

Father and child:

Disney 9 ---Father and child

Mother and child:

Disney 10--mother and child

Disney 12--more mother and child


Disney 13--Teacups

Disney 14--more teacups


Disney 15--jail

Ice cream lunch:

Disney 16--icecream lunch

Gage recounts his adventures for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee:

Disney 17--Gage chats with transformers

Palm tree! With decorative candy corn!:

Disney 18---palm tree

Watching the Pixar parade:

Disney 19--watching parade


Disney 20 -- McQueen

Having his face “decorated”:

Disney 21--face paint

So cute:

Disney 22--so cute

So tired:

Disney 23--tired

Seriously. Ready to take a nap on the sidewalk:

Disney 24--really tired

But not ready to go home.

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